Joel Hietala

Filmmaker, director & documentarian.

Well, that’s what my CV says – but it’s all about storytelling for me. I want to craft films that stay with you long after the credits roll. Films that spark conversations. Films that you want to share with the people you hold dear.

(And that they won’t mind watching!)

I approach every story with curiosity and passion. Careful research and thorough preparation are my tenets, though I’m equally at home with spontaneity. I have a wide range of filmmaking tools available, and I believe that choosing the right ones for each project is essential.

I’m always looking for new stories to tell. I’m also open to collaborating with other filmmakers, creators and storytellers. If you have something in mind, please contact me using the form below!

Enough chit-chat – here’s my most recent documentary, “NORDIC GRIT – Stories about the pandemic”:

Thumbnail of 'Nordic Grit'

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